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Bay and Bow Windows

Why Choose Bay and Bow Windows?

More Interior Space

Traditional Style

Additional Natural Light

What is a Bay or Bow Window?

How it Works

Bay or bow windows combine fixed and operable windows, creating a curve that extends beyond the exterior walls. Bay windows are made up of three windows, typically two operable windows at an angle with one fixed window in the middle. They feature more angular lines than a bow window.
Bow windows consist of four or more windows joined to form a smooth curve. Typically, the windows are each the same size and shape.

Ideal Location

Bay and bow windows maximize interior space by protruding out from a home’s exterior. They also provide additional natural light and greater airflow, broadening the feel of a room with panoramic views and depth.
Bow windows are wider than bay windows, so they work best in exterior walls or corners with 80 inches or more of space.

Design Style

Because bay windows feature more angular lines, they are more commonly used in transitional and contemporary homes, while bow windows are popular in traditional and Victorian homes.

Bay windows are also known as: bow windows, box bay windows, oriel windows
Bow windows are also known as: compass windows, curved windows.

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